What is Archaeology?

The study of Archaeology offers you an insight into humanity’s deep past using a unique combination of the humanities and science. This combination of approaches allows those who study Archaeology to study ancient cultures, human evolution and biology in order to better understand the past, present and future. 

What can I do with an Archaeology degree?

Like most subjects studied at competitive universities, Archaeology prepares you well for most graduate level careers. Transferable skills such as critical thinking, analysing text and objects and handling data, mean Archaeology graduates are well equipped to work in a range of sectors. Careers available include, but are not limited to, those in commercial archaeology, museums, law, conservation, healthcare, research and further academic study.

What might I need to study Archaeology?

Most universities do not require any specific subjects in order for you to study Archaeology. Some may require History at A level or equivalent.

Being an interdisciplinary subject, you would be in a good position to study Archaeology at degree level with A levels or equivalent in subjects such as Geography, History, a language, science subjects and social sciences.

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