What is Education?

Education is not just learning how to teach and you can discover courses that cover a wide-range of learning opportunities in teaching practice, childhood development, educational theory and research. Universities generally offer courses across the following subject areas: teacher training, research and study skills in education and finally academics studies in education. Courses are offered which include education for all age groups, starting from early years and pre-school teaching, (sometimes called Early Years or Childhood Studies) through to education for adults.

The courses can be more theoretical and focus on education and learning or have a high level of practical content. There is a great deal of flexibility with Education, it is offered as a single or joint honours course and with multiple subject combinations and can incorporate a professional teaching qualification.

What can I do with an Education degree?

Whilst a high number of education graduates progress to teaching or further study, the breadth of study within Education allows graduates the flexibility to move into other related fields of work. Examples of which include research, educational psychology and neuroscience, publishing and the Civil Service. Others might choose to work in government policy and administration, the media, theatre, heritage and museum education, HR, business and consultancy, charities and NGOs, and international development.

What might I need to study Education?

There are not usually specific subject requirements to study Education at university; unless you choose a course with a specified subject combination, e.g. Education Studies with Mathematics. Studying Education requires you to demonstrate skills in research and analysis alongside clarity of thought and expression in an essay-writing format. Therefore, you may want to consider studying essay based subjects across the social sciences and humanities, which allow you to develop these skills.

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