Asia and the Middle East

Asia and the Middle East

What is Asian and Middle Eastern Studies?

Asian and Middle Eastern studies is a varied subject that combines language learning and in-depth cultural studies including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Persian studies. Some universities may offer Middle Eastern Studies or Asian Studies or both. The subject may offer intensive language learning, including the potential for a year abroad immersed in a chosen language. This language learning is then combined with an in-depth cultural study of the people and places who use those languages. Through this degree, you will come to specialise in areas of literary, linguistic, cultural or historic interest. 

What can I do with an Asian and Middle Eastern Studies degree?

Fluency in another language, as well as cultural awareness, communication and analytical skills are highly sought after by employers in the UK and abroad. For a small number, their degree leads to careers in translation, interpreting or teaching but the majority find employment in a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to, international relations, journalism, media, development, charity, the cultural sector (Inc. working in museums or galleries) and management consultancy.

What might I need to study Asian and Middle Eastern Studies?

Most universities have no specific A-Level requirements for entry to their Asian studies or Middle Eastern studies courses, apart from having previously studied a language (which does not need to be an Asian/Middle Eastern language). A-Levels that might be considered useful preparation for this subject include: English, History, Politics and Geography.  

Resources within this subject

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