Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

What is Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with animals. Whether vets are caring for companion animals, optimising agricultural production, honing the abilities of animal athletes, improving animal welfare, or are engaged in conservation, they all spend their time applying their understanding of biological processes to enhance animal and human health and well-being. 

What can I do with a Veterinary Medicine degree?

Veterinary Medicine provides a gateway to many careers. All UK veterinary graduates become members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, which allows them to practise as vets in the EU, and many other countries around the world – in any animal species. Many vet graduates spend much of their career in veterinary practice, honing their clinical skills with further postgraduate training, but other career options are available. Many vets pursue academic research, some work for governments, charities or other non-governmental organisations, the armed forces, or in commercial settings. 

What might I need to study Veterinary Medicine?

In order to study Veterinary Medicine, you will need Chemistry and at least one other science/maths subject. Some Vet Schools require Biology, and some prefer three science/maths subjects.

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