The Brothers Grimm - Language (German)


In the following topic you will be able to look at the following language points:
• Use of Tenses in German
• Word Formation
• Vocabulary and Style


Some of the Grimm fairy-stories are well known, some less so. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the plot of Rotkäppchen, as it is the story used in this unit. Have a look here:

Rotkäppchen in German can be found here:

The English version is here:

and you can even read them side by side!

Having familiarized yourself with the plot, continue to the first activity resource below.

Video Resource

Resource activities

The Simple Past Tense

Learn more about the Simple Past tense, the preferred tense when writing down a story.


Language Exercises

Try these language exercises.


Answer Sheet

Once you have tried the exercises, have a look and compare your answers to those on this answer sheet.


Reflective questions

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Task 1

What are the key arguments, concepts, points contained within it?

Task 2

What are you struggling to understand?

What could you do to improve your understanding of these concepts/terminology etc.?

Task 3

What further questions has this resource raised for you?

What else are you keen to discover about this topic and how could you go about learning more?

Can you make any links between this topic and your prior knowledge or school studies?

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